Tan Yr Esgair

Rhuthun, Denbighshire, 2021

The original property was a decent sized family house, but had unattractive pebble-dash render and a layout did not suit the client's needs. We removed the existing staircase to create more space in the house and replaced it with an external stair core, that creates access to the new attic conversion. A cantilevered balcony leads out from the stair core, also serves as a canopy over the main entrance. Black steel, timber cladding and render give the house a crisp modern aesthetic. Wood fibre insulation wraps around the existing walls, with bead insulation blown into the cavity, to improve its thermal performance. The ground floor has underfloor heating fed by an air-source heat pump.

Tan Y Esgair house extension renovation Evergreen Architects
Tan Esgair house extension renovation night Evergreen Architects
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Tan yr Esgair existing photo
Tan Yr Esgair house extension collage Evergreen Architects