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Panton Arms  |   Public House

Pentraeth, Anglesey, 2021

The Panton Arms is a listed pub in Pentraeth. We have designed a timber clad extension to the rear of the pub, with a covered walkway adjacent. Simple board-on-board cladding creates a shadow relief and animates the facade. Large aperture glazing and skylights will immerse the extension to the leafy beer garden.

Panton Arms people Evergreen Architects.jpg
Panton Arms timber 2 Evergreen Architects.jpg
Panton Arms Window 2 Evergreen Architects.jpg
Panton Arms pub timber battens Evergreen Architects
Panton arms pun interior sketch Evergreen Architects
Panton arms hotel old photo
Panton arms photo
Panton arms garden photo
Panton_Arms Pub sketch Evergreen Architects
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