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Nyth Pren  |  Straw-bale modular House

Rhoscefnhir, Anglesey, 2018

Nyth Pren is one of our exemplar sustainable houses. As a new build house in a wide open space, we have been able to optimise orientation relative to the sun. It uses straw bale insulation to achieve passivhaus levels of insulation. Both air source heat pump and photovoltaic panels are utilised as renewable energy sources. The cladding is locally sourced larch, which will be charred to protect the wood from rot and insect damage, a Japanese tradition called Shou Sugi Ban. 


The clients vision was to create a modest, sustainable two bedroom home, which took full advantage of the views over Snowdonia. They were passionate about using passive design principles in order to minimise the energy requirements and were keen to adopt a fabric first approach. This meant providing high levels of insulation and air tightness to reduce heat loss. A minimal, natural material palette has been adopted to ensure the building sits comfortably in the beautiful landscape. 

Nyth Pren Evergreen Architects Front Cover Anglesey
Nyth Pren aerial FC Evergreen Architects-2.jpg
Nyth Pren Helicopter Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren client door Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren window Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren strawbale timber cladding Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren Aerial Front Elevation Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren charred cladding corner evergreen architects.jpg
Nyth Pren charred cladding vertical evergreen architects.jpg
Nyth Pren charred cladding closeup evergreen architects_edited.jpg
Nyth Pren Section - Evergreen Architects Anglesey.jpg
Nyth Pren Ecococon sketch Evergreen Architects
Nyth Pren straw bale modular house Evergreen Architects construction
Nyth Pren Balcony door two Evergreen Architects.jpg
Nyth Pren Straw Bale Modular House Evergreen Architects
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