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Maes Y Porth   |    Pool House

Anglesey, 2021

We have partnered with Chemsol pool contractors, to design and deliver an infinity pool at Maes Y Porth. It will be designed in two phases. The first is to create an outdoor infinity-edge swimming pool. This will be prepared for future adaptation for the second phase, where the pool will be enclosed.

The pool house walls will be clad in timber and sandstone, which picks up the site materials surrounding the building. Larch shingles clad the flat roof terrace. The views from the pool will be intensely focused on the trees that enclose the pool. By contrast, the roof terrace will give open views of the site and in particular, views into the beautiful walled garden adjacent. Large sliding doors on three sides of the pool can be opened to give a seamless outside-in experience. A simple canopy will protect the pool from overheating in the summer and we are currently exploring a range of renewable energy sources, including solar panels, ground and air-source heat pumps.

Maes Y Porth Swimming Pool Evergreen Architects
Maes Y Porth Swimming Pool solar panels Evergreen Architects
Maes Y Porth infinity pool Evergreen Architects
Maes Y Porth swimming pool entrance Evergreen Architects
Maes Y porth pool Evergreen Architects Chemsol
Maes Y Porth swimming pool aerial Evergreen Architects
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