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Our Services  

We recognise that everyones needs are different, so we offer three levels of service, tailored to you ...

All of the packages get you to the place where you can engage with a builder to start building your dream home, but some have more frills or are necessary for more complex projects.


This level of service is only suitable for small, simple projects like renovations, single storey extensions and cabins.

The drawings provided are 2D elevations and plans. We are able to lower our fee, as we save time by not creating a 3D model and visualisations.

The basic package is aimed at people who are experienced in understanding architectural drawings, like builders, or someone who has undertaken a construction project before.

Penlon Cabin wall Evergreen Architects.jpg


This is our most popular service and covers a wide range of projects. It is required for large extensions and projects with more complex challenges.

We produce a 3D model that is shared with you online and can be viewed in an internet browser or by downloading an app on your phone / tablet. We also produce visualisations.

The feedback we get from our Standard Package is that the 3D model and visualisations really help our clients understand the spaces we are creating and give them more confidence making design decisions.

23-09 Ty Ceyln Evergreen Architects Wales-16Y_edited.jpg


With the premium service we go to town on the details. It is also required for any Passive House or Enerphit projects, where we model the thermal performance of the house using the Passive House Planning Package to make sure the design achieves these exacting standards. 

If you are the sort of person who loves everything in its right place or is passionate about sustainable living, this is the best option for you.

Tan yr Esgair Front Elevation Ruthin Evergreen Architects_edited.jpg

Don't worry if you're not sure which is the best option for you. We set everything out in a detailed comparison chart when we give you our quote.

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