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Hammerhill Estate  |   Pool House

Shropshire, 2021

The existing grand country house was built in 1923 and designed by Sir Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis. In 2006 the house was extended with an additional 2 storey wing, identical to the original design. The 1980s pool is out-dated, so the client wants to replace it with a modern design and improved thermal envelope. They also want to create a private and cosy environment, so windows are limited to the rear elevation, with views over the Clee and Welsh hills. Large sliding doors to the courtyard and walled garden fully retract into the walls, so the pool can be opened to the outside on hot days and when lots of friends visit.

The pool walls are clad in weathered Corten-steel, to pick up the textures and hues of the adjacent sandstone house and garden wall. A zinc seamed roof references the lead flashing to the sloping bay-window roofs on the house. Inside there is an hour-glass shaped pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Above the pool is a stretched ceiling, housing fibre-optic cables that can change colour to set different moods.

Hammerhill pool corten steel facade Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill jacuzzi Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill pool sauna Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill pool sliding door Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill pool corten steel Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill pool aerial Evergreen Architects
Hammerhill Pool House aerial Shropshire Architect Architecture
Hammerhill existing pool.JPG
Hammerhill Pool House Shropshire Evergreen Architects Architecture
Hammerhill fountain.JPG
Hammerhill pool sketch section Evergreen Architects
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