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Gorphwysfa   |   House Extension & Renovation

Llanddona, Anglesey, 2021

Our 2 storey side extension is a subtle intervention that matches the stone walls on the existing stone house. The new snug at on the first floor has large bi-folding doors that fully open onto spectacular views over Llanddona beach. Gorphwysfa, means 'resting place'. The house is part family holiday home, part holiday rental and we can't wait to stay overnight soon for some well deserved relaxation. 

Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-House from Garden.jpeg
Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-Front Elevation.jpeg
Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-Garden.jpeg
Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-Kitchen worktops.jpeg
Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-Kitchen Stairs.jpeg
Gorphwysfa-Evergreen Architects-Anglesey-SC-First Floor sliding doors.jpeg
Gorffwysfa Section Evergreen Architects
Gorffwysfa house extension Evergreen Architects
Gorffwysfa house extension sketch Evergreen Architects
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