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Frondeg Uchaf   |    House Extension & Renovation

Llanberis, Gwynedd, 2018

The client wanted a two storey extension designed to near passive house standards. Part of this strategy involves providing high levels of wood fibre insulation and air tightness to reduce heat loss. We used traditional timber frame construction and timber cladding, both locally sourced and using local manufacturers. Additional insulation has been added to the internal walls of the existing house to improve its thermal performance.

We appreciate working with local welsh contractor Arfon, who provide a 3D model of all the timber beams, posts and rafters for the construction of the project. This way we can coordinate our design and ensure everything is captured in detail to minimise potential problems on site.

Arfon source local timber, which is great because you know the wood is suitable for the welsh climate, it reduces the carbon footprint of your house and supports the local economy. 

Frondeg rear aerial elevation Evergreen Architects.jpg
Front Uchaf front aerial
Frondeg Apex timber frame house extension Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf Stairs Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf Bathroom Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf Stone timber Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf timber frame extension Aerial Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf timber frame extension Evergreen Architects
Frondeg Uchaf Section Evergreen Architects.jpg
Frondeg Uchaf section cut sketch of extension Evergreen Architects
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