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Bryn Y Mor  |   House Extension & Renovation

Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, 2022

Bryn Y Mor house is a stones throw from the beach at Trearddur Bay. A new extension creates a spacious kitchen and a mezzanine lounge area to get the best views of the beach. A new flat roof dormer improves the attic space for a master bedroom, that leads out onto a balcony. The walls are externally insulated to improve the thermal performance of the house. A new ventilation system will remove stale air and introduce fresh air to avoid condensation. Photovoltaic panels on the garage roof, linked to the air source heat pump, will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and bring down energy costs.

Bryn Y Mor extension aerial Evergreen Architects.jpg
Bryn Y Mor extension garden Evergreen Architects.jpg
Bryn Y Mor Extension Living Room Evergreen Architects.jpg
1 Bryn y  Mor-sea-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
3 Bryn y  Mor-windows-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
2 Bryn y  Mor-integrated pv-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
4 Bryn y  Mor-extension-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
5 Bryn y  Mor-rafters-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
6 Bryn y  Mor-evening-Anglesey Builders-Evergreen Architects.jpg
Bryn Y Mor Anglesey sketch section Evergreen Architects.PNG
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