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Llanethdy Gwyn   |   The Cheese Factory

Bethesda, Gwynedd, 2020

Formerly St Pius Church in Bethesda, this building has been repurposed as a Cheese factory. The ground floor is fully kitted out and refrigerated for cheese production and maturation. The first floor will have a cafe for visitors. Additional skylights will bring in more light and give views to the surrounding landscape. The ground floor will be extended to the rear and above is a new terrace. Photovoltaic panels will offset some of the building energy use and retrofit insulation to the roof will improve its thermal performance.

Llanethdy Gwyn-Landscape-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn-Portrait-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn-Window-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn-Cheese Press-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn-Cheese-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn-Sheep-Evergreen-Architects.jpg
Llanethdy Gwyn gable terrace cheese factory Evergreen Architects
Llanethdy Gwyn interior cafe design cheese factory Evergreen Architects
Llanethdy Gwyn cheese factory sunrise Evergreen Architects
Llanethdy Gwyn cheese factory side elevation Evergreen Architects
Cheese Factory Section Evergreen Architects.jpg
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