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Beaupavilion Dining Pods   |    Concept

Beaumaris, 2020

We wanted to do something positive in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit sectors, so we are developing an idea for outdoor sheltered dining in Beaumaris. Cafes and restaurants have to reduce capacity to maintain social distancing. Existing local businesses could augment their sales by delivering to these dining pods, located along the sea-wall, with stunning views over the Menai Straits. It could also encourage new small local businesses to form, such as catering trucks or farmers markets.

Beaumaris Green car park has some of the best views in the town and the Beaumaris pavilions could make better use of the space, without reducing parking amenities. We imagine that the pavilions can be as temporary or permanent as is required and that the structure lightly touches the sea-wall, so as not to scar it. Constructed with local timber, they have minimal impact on the environment. Built by local contractors, they will increase revenue in the region.

Beaupavilion evening sketch Evergreen Architects
Beaupavilion section sketch dining pods Evergreen Architects
Beaupavilion dining pods Beaumaris concept Evergreen Architects
Beaupavilion dining pods concept sketch Evergreen Architects
Beaupavilions dining pods interior sketch Evergreen Architects
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